M.I.A. Returns With “Can See Can Do”

Yes, M.I.A returns to a new song with “Can See Can Do”. I’ve been waiting this since her 2013 album Matangi. Which I still do have her album on my iPod. Oh by the way, She is turning 40! She doesn’t look 40 though. Check it out! Democracy Conservation!


Kim K is a Blondie!? Why?


I’m not surprise that Kim Kardashian changes hairs like changing the seasonal weather. This week is Paris Fashion Week and The Wests are spending their week in Paris. Well………my reactions to her new hair do ummmmmm….It looks tacky and it doesn’t look good on her. Hey…..I’m not the type of person who bashed celebrities from left to right as blogger but god fuck. Her hairstyle has more news than CBS.

I don’t know? What do you think? Do you think she look in Blonde or Jet back?

Photo Credit: E! online.com 

Men’s Street Style : Lumbersexual & Updates Men’s Editorial Projects


Oh Christopher John Millington, Why are you attractive with your beard.


This summer, I will be conducting a Men Editorial projects for  The Mademoiselle Antoine. I had this weird obsession  with men with beard. I will be traveling back and forward from Boston to NYC to due more  my editorial projects and trying to find a publicist that would help me to jump start my career as Fashion Blogger. I mean, I’ve been blogging since I was a freshmen in high school. I used to be sport reporter for my high school newspaper. I think it’s  time for me to take my blog to another level and I would like to make living off it.



Here’s my inspiration for my Men Editorial projects.





photo credit: Tumblr & Pinterest

I’m Back!!!!



Hey Everyone!

I’m back from hiatus! I took a break from blogging to focus on school and launching of my magazine called FASE Magazine. I’m Editor In Chief of FASE Magazine. I will be spending more time planning and preparing monthly editorial photoshoots,  writing some feature stories, and hiring & firing people. I will be collaborating with a lot of photographers, designers, artist, and pretty much with everyone. I’m glad that we’ve a good amount of people who are willing to write for the magazine. Now back to business!


Here’s the preview of Editor Pics ( This is my ideal look for the winter/spring)


Photo credit: Tumblr

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